ZoncoArm manufactures Mobile Arm Supports for people with upper-limb disabilities which can add more freedom and independence to such activities of daily living as feeding, using a computer, and controlling the joy stick of a power wheelchair. They are especially useful for those with: ALS - Multiple Sclerosis - Cerebral Palsy - Muscular Dystrophy - Spinal Cord Injury - Brain Injury, Parkinson's Disease - and repetitive stress injuries such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

These products have been engineered to exceed the structural strength and functional capabilities of every other mobile arm support on the market.

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The “Bruce Demo” video was part of a product trial conducted on October 5th, 2011. Due to a spinal cord injury, Bruce was unable to lift his left / dominant hand up off a table. The video shows that by using a Zonco Mobile Arm Valet he was able to feed himself with a spoon, and drink from a cup. In addition to the immediately improved functional use of his dominant left upper extremity he reported an increased amount of time he could use it, and a decrease in the amount of pain and muscle fatigue, as compared to the other mobile arm supports tested during the trial.

There are a number of features Bruce identified as significant improvements over other mobile arm supports tested, including:
• Easier to adjust, as well as more adjustability with the counter-balance weighting of the elbow and wrist so that it was easier to bring his hand to his mouth. Consequently, it was less fatiguing for his arm muscles, and there was diminished pain.
• The arm trough was longer, and provided improved support.
• Increased arm movement, and reach.
•The fact that ZoncoArm products can be easily mounted to a table or a wheelchair increased their potential use for more functional tasks.